Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Printer in Action

I have one of the original Up! printers. Here are some photos, and notes on how I have it set up.

The print table has a bumpy surface (paint from the factory), and is covered with kapton tape. Prior to printing, I give the surface a quick wipe-down with acetone (fingernail polish remover) to clean the surface. This has been working well for me. The part clings to the table while printing, then peels off fairly easily with a spatula.

I made an enclosure out of an old cardboard box, tape, and a sheet of acrylic that slides across the front as a door. There is an opening in the top with an air conditioner filter covering it. The enclosure keeps the machine warm, which improves print quality. It also makes it quieter. The filter keeps down the aroma of melted PVC.

The door is off in the video below. It is very quiet when the door is on.

When the part breaks free from the table during the print, the results are pretty disastrous.

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