Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Garland attached to Brick

This post isn't exactly timely, but you'll have plenty of time to prepare for next Christmas. :)  I bought garlands to hang on the doorway Christmas-before-last. Then I looked for hangars to let me hang it on my brick home. Guess what? I couldn't find anything!

I needed something:
  • Easy to use
  • Not damaging to the brick
  • Attractive or subtle enough to look ok when the garland wasn't up
 Here is what I came up with:
3D print a set of clips (file is here on thingiverse, and on Shapeways), paint them black, stick them to the brick with sugru, and use paracord to tie the garland to the brick. It works like a charm!

To attach with sugru, sofen up a piece and work it into the grooves in the clip base, making sure it comes through the holes also. Push onto the brick, making sure it gets a good bond. Also work some sugru over the lip on the top edge of the clip base.

To attach shock cord, tie a simple knot in both ends of the cord. Slip one end through the large hole, then push into the slot. Pull on the cord until the knot bumps against the clip. Loop the cord around the garland, then wind the cord around the clip and into any available clip groove, or even into two.

Grooves on the base of the clip grip the sugru for a good strong bond.
Holes through the clip give even more hold for the sugru. The clip's shape is both fancy and practical, giving multiple ways to attach the shock cord securely, even without seeing what you're doing.

A clip attached to the brick with sugru.
Several clips sugrued to the face of the brick arch on our front porch.
Paracord, looped through the clip, like it would be when holding the garland.
Garland attached to the house with shock cord, sugru, and my clip.