Monday, June 13, 2011

Why decorate the back?

It seems odd to put decorative details on the back of a printed part.

The bezel has patterns all over it. While I do think it looks cool that way, there was a more practical reason.

Large, flat parts printed on my machine tend to weld themselves to the support structure in at least a couple of spots. This results in a long, frustrating cleanup process, and usually several gouges in the part. I found that adding 1/32" x 45° v-grooves in the bottom, and chamfers around the edges, makes the process easier. If it does stick, it's usually only between one pair of grooves, and is more easily dealt with.

I've also discovered that the support material separates more easily during marathon printing sessions. The only explanation I have is the heat. I will take more care in the future to heat my printing platform before printing large parts.

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